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by Blair Norfolk |

As a science-based nutritional supplements brand, we share all sorts of industry research with you. But one statistic we’ve been sharing since day one is this: 93.2% of Australian adults don’t eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

This statistic comes from a massive study undertaken by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the federal government agency dedicated to scientific research in Australia. The study collated results from 145,000 respondents, 71% of which were female and 29% male. It’s an incredible finding but yet, it’s cold, hard, credible fact based on a huge population sample.

The study shows that men across the board, young adults of both genders, obese adults and construction workers are the groups getting the least amount of nutrition on a daily basis. And interestingly, even the majority of people working in the health industry aren’t eating as much fruit and veg as they should; in fact, just 26% of health industry workers report adequate nutritional intake.


While the deficiency seems to be more prevalent in some groups over others, this study indicates that it’s a problem across the board. Despite the differences between the demographics, however, there are solutions that will go a long way toward optimal nutritional intake for every group.

The CSIRO applied some of their findings to do some problem-solving. They looked at the groups of Australians that were eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and reported on what their behaviour had in common.

They found that 68% of adults who eat enough fruit and veg always have three different types of vegetables with dinner every night. They also reported that retirees are the group with the highest nutritional intake -- 30% of people in that group meet the recommended daily servings.

The first statistic indicates that variety might be a key factor to long-term vegetable intake. According to the Australian Department of Health, “Choosing a variety of foods within and across food groups improves dietary patterns because foods within the same group have different combinations of nutrients and other beneficial substances. Choosing a variety of foods within each group also helps to make your meals more interesting from day to day.”

The second statistic may indicate a time shortage in the daily lives of working adults. Preparing three healthy meals with a full nutritional profile every day takes time. This lack of time is one of the problems that Activated Nutrients is trying to solve. It’s important to set aside as much time as you can to planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks, but our supplements are designed to bridge the nutritional gap between those meals. Our Daily Superfood for Men and Daily Superfood for Women are the first-ever all-in-one and non-synthetic supplement that’s formulated to not only be nutritionally-complete, but to provide nutrients that are specifically relevant to each gender.

The headline of the CSIRO’s study sums it up perfectly: Australians aren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables. If you’re one of the four out of five Australian adults that is missing out on crucial macro and micronutrients, we challenge you to add servings of three different vegetables to your dinner every day and start taking Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for Men or Daily Superfood for Women. Report back about how you’re feeling – we predict great things!