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Our plant ingredients pack the nutritional power, but it’s the science that dictates which wholefoods and what quantities to include in our products. We’ve always rejected market trends in favour of following the latest findings in nutritional science. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence and designed to deliver maximum health benefits.

Our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, has made sure of it. Dr. JB is an accomplished scientist specialising in human nutrition, product development and medical research. His work has been published all over the world, he’s advised Olympic athletes on performance-based nutrition and he spent a number of years as Lead OHSE Auditor for Australia’s peak scientific and industrial research organisation, CSIRO. In short, he’s a brilliant mind!

Nutritional scientists make new discoveries all the time and we are committed to keeping our products at the cutting edge of science. We will continuously re-assess and update our formulations as new principles are proven, maintaining the solid foundation of our core product pillars.