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We believe that good nutrition is a critical cornerstone of health, but the nutrition industry has become a complicated and sometimes misleading mess. All the claims and ‘miracle foods’ make it hard to include the right things in your diet!

what our customers say

Please do not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever stop creating your magic wonders. I cannot live without your daily superfood. I don't even know where to begin to explain how much your powder has changed my health.

Bridgette S, 32, Melbourne

I absolutely LOVE this product. To eat a healthy diet is often expensive and time consuming. I have my Activated Nutrients every morning... it keeps me firing on all cylinders.

Jenny L, 23, Sydney

I have been using Activated Nutrients for 6 or so months now and highly recommend it as it is the best tasting greens powder around. I mix it in water and drink it straight and enjoy the taste.

Samantha M, Sydney

I like this product. This is hands down the best green powder I've used. With others I've tried I wouldn't have dreamed of just drinking the powder mixed in water. Best Green Superfood is great mixed in a glass of water or as an addition to a smoothie. The best part is that it is slightly sweet (although I don't think there are any added sugars) and blends easily. Note that if you do not drink it quickly, you will want to give it a stir before you take another gulp as it has a tendency to settle on the bottom of the glass. In a smoothie it blends without a trace. It does look like pond scum, but it actually tastes pretty good. Plus, you can always hide it in juice or a shake.

Tatiana W, Australia

I’ve used other brands of greens and berries (separately) for a while now but when this popped up on Facebook I checked it out and realised how well priced it is!! Even better being a 2 in 1! I have mine daily in my fresh juice with breakfast but yesterday I just had it with flavoured coconut water and loved it!

Zoe C, Gold Coast

I’ve tried the Daily Superfood for Women and I am extremely happy. My dermatitis is getting better, my overall skin appearance is getting better, I am far less bloated than usual and surprisingly the taste is not bad at all. It also helps me with my fluids daily intake as I have to start the day with a full glass of water. It’s incredibile as I can stop to buy lots of different supplements as I have one from Activated Nutrients that covers all my needs! I love it! 

Jessica D, Brisbane

My hair, skin & nails are amazing after using this product for 4 weeks, I sleep better & am more energetic which helps with small children. Highly recommend this product & have just ordered more.

TNaarah M, 35, Brisbane

Absolutely love their protein supplements! I find myself with much more energy than normal + feeling great, not to mention the coconut and vanilla bean both taste delicious. Highly recommend their products.

Michael S, Hobart

I have been taking daily protein for a few days. I have lost 2kgs in about 6 days now. I only take one serve a day. You just open the package get a scoop and mix with whatever you desire.

Jessica M, Perth

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