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Blair Norfolk

Founder and Managing Director

Blair Norfolk is our go-to health guru and brilliant day-to-day leader, ensuring that the team and company thrive. As one of our founders, Blair has a deeply personal belief in Activated Nutrients products – he’s seen the difference they can make.


Before Activated Nutrients, Blair earned his Bachelors of Commerce and Masters of Marketing, going on to work all over the world as a consultant marketing strategist. But when he was diagnosed with two incurable autoimmune diseases, he set off on a mission to improve his health.


That mission reinforced Blair’s belief that wholefoods have incredible healing power and revealed the market’s lack of high quality, wholefood supplements.


Douglas Loh

Executive Director

Douglas Loh is a seasoned professional. He brings an incredible amount of business insight to our day-to-day and big-picture operations.


Doug’s background in the investment industry spans decades and he’s a numbers man through and through. Doug likes facts, figures and data and what he does with them never ceases to amaze.


When Doug’s not dazzling the team with his wisdom, he’s delighting us with his quirky sense of humour and outrageous appreciation for the finer things in life.

Dr Jaroslav Boublik

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik (“Dr. JB”) is an accomplished scientist, specialising in the nutrition R&D sector. He has decades of experience in the field, publishing numerous peer-reviewed papers, working for the CSIRO, advising Olympic athletes on performance-based nutrition and serving on the board of many nutritional medicine and complementary medical research bodies.


As our Chief Science Officer, Dr. JB has helped formulate our supplements to be nutritionally complete and well-rounded. His precise and evidence-based formulations ensure everyone that takes Activated Nutrients get the best possible benefits from every serving.


Though his brain is usually in scientist mode, Dr. JB maintains balance by hopping on his mountain bike and hitting the trails for some quality time with his favourite thing – nature!


Lucy Taylor

Nutritional Scientist


Jo Power

Communications Manager

Jo Power is our communications guru – we depend on her to oversee all of our content and messaging. Jo makes sure that as a company, we speak to each other and our customers as clearly and concisely as possible. She’s spent nearly ten years learning and innovating, honing her skills into a craft.


She has been with Activated Nutrients since the early days, before any of our products hit the market. A personal interest in health and nutrition first attracted Jo to the company and our products have become an important part of her own daily routine.


Tony Alessi

National Sales Manager




In an age of information overload, companies usually rely on getting customers by selling a dream. We don't have to hide behind dream. All we're selling is the right ingredients in the right quantities, presented with nothing but honesty. We can't wait to share it with you!


But you're not the only thing we care about. We also believe that we have a responsibility to produce Activated Nutrients sustainably. We built those concerns into our production, including recycled packaging that uses 40% less energy across the product life cycle, and responsibly -sourced ingredients.



We also wanted to bring you a supplement that provides the maximum amount of natural nutrition. Activated Nutrients supplements are completely non-synthetic and contain nutrients in nutritionally relevant quantities, plus they're vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and gluten-free

Our story began as four friends with a shared passion for health and a frustration with the misleading mess of the mainstream nutrition industry. That passion turned into a mission to cut through the hype and develop a plant-based product that offers real, measurable health benefits.


They did things right, investing years of research and development before launching a single product. Activated Nutrients’ flagship product, Daily Superfood, was the first of its kind – a doctor-formulated, gender-specific all-in-one multivitamin powder made entirely with wholefoods.