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Based on 59 reviews
Amazing product!

Great product gives you energy throughout the day :) :)

Hi Margaret, Thanks for your amazing review. We've packed our Power Up powder with organic botanical extracts to promote natural energy production and we are glad you felt the benefits!
Amazing Product

I was a little sceptical about the product but thought I’d try it out and was immediately shocked at how good it tastes and how good it makes me feel!!! Really good after a workout, tastes fantastic would definitely purchase again and recommend highly!!

Hi Daniel, Amazing review! Thank for taking the time to share your experience. We are glad to hear you like the taste as our team worked hard to develop a certified organic protein powder that taste naturally great.
Great Pre-Race Boost

Absolutely love the boost this gives me, with the sustained energy lasting throughout my half marathons. It doesn't leave any artificial after taste, and is quite pleasant to drink in just water alone.

Hi Patrick, Thanks for your review. We're proud to be certified organic and we are glad to hear that you like the taste. it's a common issue that many consumers run into with other non-organic brands.

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply

A must have!

Hands down the top supplement I can't go without. I take everyday without missing a beat. if the time comes and I run out for a period of time I feel more beat down and more likely to get sick.

Thank you Eric. Taking Top Up everyday definitely improve the benefits, giving you the extra boost of energy you need and support your immune system as it contains pre & probiotics.

Highly recommended!

Best tasting nutrient powder around town !!

Thanks Erin. Our 100% plant-based and Organic recipe is to blame!
Natural goodness

Tasted great and gave me a much more noticeable pickup for my running workout than my usual recipe

Thanks Will for you review it makes our day. I'm sure if you liked Power Up you'll love our organic protein powder Build Up that will help you crush your training goals!
Amazing Sutff!

This product is amazing. It gives me more energy, I feel like I'm recovering faster and I have been taking it ever since.

Thanks Alexander, Top Up gather essential vitamins from organic whole-foods and clinically proven probiotics to help you recover faster. If it's your goal, you should also like our Organic protein powder Tone Up!
Great product!

Really helps without spending money on cheap medications and vitamins that could harm your body more! Activated nutrients helped my vitiligo out and gave me natural energy!

Hi Michael. We're glad you notified the difference between our all-in-one daily organic multivitamin powder and other medications such as vitamins. We believe natural vitamins from organic whole-foods make the difference!

This green powder keeps me going everyday

Love my Activated Nutrients daily supplement for women. Tastes great and gives me that extra boost every morning. Also keeps those colds and flu at bay!

Thank you Tanya. You're right, we've bursted our Top Up green powder with clinically proven probiotics to support your immune system and 'keep cold and flu at bay'.
Amazing product

Love this product. Recommend it to everyone. Thanks to the MMP boys for the tip

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Men 4-8 week supply

Organic Energy Powder

Very nice tasting. Found that it did give alot more energy durning the day

Great product

You will feel the benefits almost immediately, it helps me get my day underway

Magic powder

Really improved my mental state, I must have been deficient in something because this sorted me out!

Highly recommended

Love this product. Great all in one supplement

Excellent product excellent service

Quick turnaround shopping on an excellent product that does what it promises

Love it

I tried many plant based protein powders and this is the best one by far. No nasties and it has a clean and simple taste (not too sweet - love it). I mix it with almond milk for a post workout shake and add it to my morning smoothie bowl or chia pudding.

Top up

Excellent product, a staple of my day

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Men 4-8 week supply

Activated nutrients

Absolutely love this product I have been using this for years and notice if I miss an order


Great product. Highly recommend.

Great staple supplement

I live in rural QLD. There’s not many fresh fruit and veg variety options so this is a great staple
For me to keep in my diet.

Kids nutrients

I have been buying Kid's nutrients for quite some time now and would like to confidently say that my 6 year old did not get sick once this year. He loves his drinks and asks for a cup every day. Thank you Activated Nutrients for supporting my son's wellbeing every day :)