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Based on 81 reviews
Very happy

I have so much more energy on when taking this supplement. It is a life saver

Quick, delivery, great product

Easy to add to diet to ensure well rounded intake, doesn’t taste to bad.

Tastes great and starting to already see some amazing results

Highly recommended. I am already less bloated and my skin is starting to clear up and it's only been a week!

Love this stuff

I’m so lucky to have found this product. Great addition to my diet

Organic supplements

I feel great after having this supplement with breakfast would highly recommend this if you need that added energy boost to start your day

Great product - very delicious

Having studied nutrition I am picky with protein powders. This is the best tasting plant based protein powder I have found, on its own or mixed in a smoothie. Plus no bloating or tummy upset.

We're picky with our protein powders too Erin! Our Build Up protein powder was formulated by nutritional scientists to keep everyone happy, including in-the-know nutritionists like yourself. We used the sacha inchi protein powder because it's super easy to absorb, which keeps it gentle on the stomach :) And we love the prebiotic fibre in our formulation which feeds our microbiota- it's a protein powder that supports gut health and we're thrilled that you've noticed the difference.
Top stuff

Feeling energized and ready to go each day!

That's what we like to hear, Brent! An adaptogenic superfood powder is the best way to support natural energy production and kick start your day.
Wouldn't miss a day!

What a great product to get your day off to the right start! Feel better, live better!

Aaaabsolutely Mitchell. The organic superfoods we use in our Top Up for Men are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, supporting natural energy production, immune function and good health all around. It's the perfect way to start your day if you ask me.
Best Greens Product!

I’ve supplemented with a greens product/ multi for many years and finally found one that packs a massive health punch! I feel amazing and won’t be going back to anything else. ACTIVATED is where it’s at!!

Louder for the people at the back Will! You're so right, Top Up isn't just another 'greens product'- it's an organic superfood supplement packed with plant-based nutrition and it's awesome that you've noticed the difference that we set out to make.Thanks for the glowing review! - Ben
A boost after the festive season

The festive season is a time of socialising, travelling, eating too much and missing your exercise routine. All that relaxation can be exhausting! The Top Up helps me get back to my normal energy levels quickly.

Absolutely, Michelle! Top Up is a great way to stay on top of your health no matter what time of year, or how busy life gets. It's great to hear how well our superfood supplement works for you! - Ben
Great Tasting Health Powder

Greatly improved formulas, better tasting and feel healthier quicker.

Thanks for the great feedback, Evelyn! We're so glad you can feel the benefits. It's easy to feel healthy with our organic superfood powder providing you with SO many essential vitamins and minerals from organic wholefoods, as well as probiotics too! :)
Great for kids

We give our toddler this stuff and I’m sure he gets less sick because of it

Thanks Sacha! We're so glad that your toddler is benefiting from Grow Up! The immune system thrives when it's getting enough high-quality nutrition, and that's exactly what our Grow Up superfood powder provides your toddler with. It's packed with organic wholefoods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, plus it also includes two probiotic strains which give our immune system an extra boost! - Ben
Great product

I have been using activated nutrients for around 3 years and I have gotten far less sick in my high stress job

That's amazing Chloe! You must really love it! It's amazing how we can handle stress so much better and keep our immune systems fighting fit when we're getting enough nutrition in our diet. I'm so glad that Top Up has been able to give you that edge :) - Ben
Two scoops daily 🕺🏼

Drives us through the mid afternoon nana nap slump, thanks to the Mind Muscle Project for recommending these products via thier podcast.

That's so good to hear, Daniel! No need for nana naps when you've got Top Up providing you with extra plant-based nutrition to support natural energy production. Thanks for sharing with us :)
Great health sup

It has boosted our energy levels helped us be motivated to consume it everyday as a family to keep up the great results’s just a wow for your inner health

Amazing- a whole Powered Up family! We love that you're all feeling so energised. All of that extra energy is thanks to specific botanical extracts and herbal adaptogens, such as ginseng, maca root, rhodiola, and more, which support natural energy production! Pretty sweet, hey. - Ben
Excellent Product

Top-Up gives me an extra kick each day. I take it as a smoothie with Orange Juice, Blueberries, Mango and Banana blended together. Tastes great and I know I am putting "Good Stuff" into my body!

That sounds delicious Nev! You're definitely putting 'good stuff' into your body, the organic superfoods in Top Up make it so easy, hey? - Ben
power up

tasted good..
keep full for longer

Buff Powder

Keeps me buff and looking hot for Summer

Yeah it does! That's because Power Up is loaded with specific plant-derived nutrients and botanical extracts that support energy production so you can work out harder and hit your fitness goals faster. - Ben

Tone Up - Organic Protein Powder Coconut

Awesome product

Loving it!

Great product I can feel the difference straightaway, would recommend to my friends sand family!

Amazing product!

Great product gives you energy throughout the day :) :)

Hi Margaret, thanks for your amazing review. We've packed our Power Up energy powder with organic botanical extracts to promote natural energy production and we are glad you have felt the benefits!
Amazing Product

I was a little sceptical about the product but thought I’d try it out and was immediately shocked at how good it tastes and how good it makes me feel!!! Really good after a workout, tastes fantastic would definitely purchase again and recommend highly!!

That's so great to hear Daniel, thanks for giving it a go and letting the product speak for itself! The proof is in the pudding, and in our case- the proof is in our 100% certified organic plant-based protein powder. We've used sacha inchi protein mixed with pea protein and plant-derived digestive enzymes for a highly absorbable plant-based protein powder that uses vanilla bean powder to make sure it tastes as delicious as it is good for you. - Ben
Great Pre-Race Boost

Absolutely love the boost this gives me, with the sustained energy lasting throughout my half marathons. It doesn't leave any artificial after taste, and is quite pleasant to drink in just water alone.

Hi Patrick, we love that you feel more energised from Power Up- and enjoy the taste too! The specific botanical extracts and herbal adaptogens that we use in our formula help to provide sustained energy across the day, so it's perfect for helping you to power through a half marathon! And you're absolutely right, there's no artificial sweetners here- we're proud that Power Up is certified organic and 100% free of nasty chemicals. - Ben