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Grow Up - Organic Supplements for Kids 4-8 week supply
picky eaters

There's a lot of stress that goes into worrying about if our little ones are consuming ENOUGH in one day... my goodness... there was a huge feeling of success seeing the bottom of the drinking bottle facing up as the little one guzzled it down (mixed with unsweetened coconut milk). She asked for more immediately after.... guess we're going to have to ration it out now as we don't want her to grow up tooooo fast :)

Grow Up for Kids - Free 2-4 week trial
Monique Clapham
Grow Up Trial

Smells and tastes a-ma-zing! My 21 month old loves it and I don’t feel guilty giving it to him as it’s full of goodness! Who knew something with almost no sugar could be so delicious! Will be buying a full size when I can!

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply
Denese Billings
Review - organic supplement for women

I think the product is benefical to your health & well being but I didn't like the taste.

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply
Magic powder

Really improved my mental state, I must have been deficient in something because this sorted me out!

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply
Highly recommended!

Best tasting nutrient powder around town !!

Thank you for your amazing review Erin! An organic superfood natural multivitamin that also tastes great is a win for everyone! - Ben

Grow Up - Organic Supplements for Kids 4-8 week supply
Cleber Sicorra
Loves it!

My little one struggled to get out of baby formula and loves the bottle. This has been such a great alternative as it is low in sugar, has probiotics and she loves the taste!

Grow Up for Kids - Free 2-4 week trial
Lisa Gatt
Great products just too sweet

While I think it's a fantastic product, it was way too sweet even for my 3 year old :( I think kids who are used to a diet with more sugar would love it though. Would be awesome if you could make an unsweetened version as well!

Power Up

Nice morning energy booster, mixes well, tastes alright! 😃

Healthy never tasted better!

I've finally found a supplement that tastes great and that I trust is of fantastic quality. I love that it's wholefoods based, certified organic and an Aussie company. My baby happily takes it, and I often mix up a serve for myself while I'm at it! Love it!

Tone Up - Organic Protein Powder Coconut
Vig Liv
Finally found a protein supplement I can tolerate!!

I do a fair bit of running and have been searching for a good protein supplement. AN Tone Up does the trick. Tastes good in water ( I love anything coconut). I am also quite sensitive to preservatives and artificial flavours and have not had any problems with Tone Up. Great product and think will be a long term addition to my supplements cupboard 💪🏿

Top Up for Women - Free 1-2 week trial
Rebecca Altmann

I used Top up, thinking it wouldn't be any different to any other greens powders (I've been drinking greens powder every Morning for nearly 2 years).... since i started taking Top Up - To Thrive & Shine (2 weeks ago), my acne has almost completely cleared up and my skin has a natural glow.

This is so fantastic to hear Rebecca! Sounds like your skin is... thriving and shining! It's amazing what the body can do when we provide it with lots of wholefood nutrition. We're so glad you've noticed the difference!

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply
Tatiana Woolowick
This is a pretty good product.

I like this product. This is hands down the best green powder I've used. With others I've tried I wouldn't have dreamed of just drinking the powder mixed in water. Best Green Superfood is great mixed in a glass of water or as an addition to a smoothie. The best part is that it is slightly sweet (although I don't think there are any added sugars) and blends easily. Note that if you do not drink it quickly, you will want to give it a stir before you take another gulp as it has a tendency to settle on the bottom of the glass. In a smoothie it blends without a trace. It does look like pond scum, but it actually tastes pretty good. Plus, you can always hide it in juice or a shake.This is a great way to get those healthy foods we never find time to eat throughout the day.I received this at a discount in exchange for my opinion and review.

Rocket fuel

I am Perimenopausal & suffer from hot sweats & always tired, NOT ANYMORE!! I didn’t realise Maca Root has been treating menopausal symptoms for centuries, after seven days my hot flushes completely stopped. I have energy again, back exercise every morning, Can’t recommend this product enough, thank you 🙏

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply
professional taste tester. Will be a regular customer.

I purchased this product because I really want to live a healthier life. I was shocked at the size of the bag in comparison to the price but given the need for only 1-2 teaspoons it comes out to about $1.40 per day. Cheaper than a trip to Starbucks and better for you. Plus, I read the list of ingredients and if I'd purchased them at our local health food store separately it'd cost me a fortune! Not to mention the tons of pills and piles of powder I'd have to ingest. So this is a nice condensed and easy way to get some key nutrients.
It did not leave me jittery and it allowed me to sleep.
The flavor has sweet and earthy with general berry notes. It is chalky in texture but it blends impressively well in cold water.
It is free of synthetic vitamins and minerals. It was also non-GMO, soy-free, non dairy, gluten free and vegan. It has NO artificial ingredients and sweeteners. However, it is not listed as organic.
Some of the ingredients: spirulina, rose hip, kelp, kale, ginger, chia seed, blue berry, broccoli and beet root, acai, blueberry, cacao, carrot, chamomile, chlorella, dulse, grapeseed, green tea leaf, etc...
I will continue to use this product along with healthier eating.
I only gave it four stars because the flavor was a bit strong. I'd prefer something tasteless so it didn't clash with any fruit I put into my green smoothies.

Grow Up for Kids - Free 2-4 week trial
Nikita Arnold
Very happy

Initially I was disappointed as my daughter didn't like it just in plain milk. However, we have found some creative ways that taste so delicious! We think this flavour goes SO well with chocolate flavours, so my daughter has a sprinkle of this and a sprinkle of cacao on her acai coconut cereal, or mixed into vanilla yoghurt, or over sugar free chocolate icecream! It's a winner in our house. So if your child doesn't like it in milk (like mine), get creative and make normal foods taste even better!

Top Up for Women - Free 1-2 week trial
gabriella b
improved overall well-being

this stuff is amazing. i originaloy got the sample pack and have used it every morning. tastes good with water suprisingly. i feel like my skin has improved and my overall bloating has decreased a lot! i feel like i have a lot more natural energy and i’m not as tired. i will definitely be buying the tub and have recommended this product to my friends.

Organic Energy Powder 1-2 week supply
Rachael Price
Very happy

I have so much more energy on when taking this supplement. It is a life saver

That's incredible! Thanks for sharing this with us Rachel! We're so glad you're feeling the impact of our herbal adaptogens and energy-boosting wholefoods.

Top Up - Organic supplements for 50+ 4-8 week supply
Eveyln Campbell
Great Tasting Health Powder

Greatly improved formulas, better tasting and feel healthier quicker.

Thanks for the great feedback, Evelyn!

We're so glad you can feel the benefits. It's easy to feel healthy with our organic superfood powder providing you with SO many essential vitamins and minerals from organic wholefoods, as well as probiotics too! :)

Top Up - Organic supplements for 50+ 4-8 week supply
Andrew & Cathy
We love our green powder!

We love our Top Up green powder, we have it mixed in our hot porridge every morning, with a little honey mixed in. I love knowing I’m getting some healthy green food in my diet, & feel like I have more energy because of it.

Top Up - Organic supplements for 50+ 4-8 week supply
Not in stock

I wanted the normal activated nutrients greens, had to buy the over 50+... next day got an email saying the normal was back in stock

Hi Jack,

We're really sorry that you had to go with our Top Up 50+ instead of Top Up for men which was out of stock. Please check your inbox we've sent you a little something to apologise! Have a lovely day :)

Tone Up - Organic Protein Powder Coconut
Simply Great

I having been using this product religiously for the past 1 and a half months to replace breakfast and lunch 5 days a week. I mix it with chocolate almond milk and a teaspoon of stevia. I do not feel hungry all day and I have lost over 20 pounds.

Also my digestion is in perfect balance and I have great sustained energy levels.

This is truly a great product!

Hi John, it's great that you enjoy our product however we cannot recommend using it as a replacement for your meals. It's essential that you're getting enough nutrition to keep you healthy and our Tone Up product- while a good source of organic plant-based protein- is not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet. - Ben

Tone Up - Organic Protein Powder Coconut
Jessica Moore
Wonderful taste

I have been taking daily protein for a few days. I have lost 2kgs in about 6 days now. I only take one serve a day. You just open the package get a scoop and mix with whatever you desire.


I have 3 children. I put a heaped teaspoon into their smoothy most days!!! They like it and it assures me they are getting that bit of extra goodness that their busy bodies and brains need!

So so good.

I absolutely love the gear. The protein powder doesn't make me feel sick. The top up doesn't taste too bad (for a greens powder) and the littleenergy booster is great too. So impressed. I've started writing recipes with them and giving them to friends.

Power Up - Organic Energy Powder
Michelle McGregor

I love this product, 1 teaspoon a day makes all the difference to my energy levels.