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Based on 115 reviews
picky eater approves!

It’s an excellent product for us as my kid wants a ‘pink milk’ every morning and after trying and failing to make it healthier for weeks, coming to this product was great, easy way to give him nutrients and probiotics with breakfast!

Health Boost

My almost 3 year old has thoroughly enjoyed his new drink! He asks for it everyday and I love knowing that he is getting such a nutrient boost!

Great taste and Great for the Kids!

We've used Grow up in smoothies and pancakes and the kids love it! And I love that it's packed with nutrients they need without them even knowing it

Great on the go!

It's great to have by itself with water daily or even in a smoothie! Sometimes, I'll have a mango and pineapple smoothie with coconut water and use a teaspoon of the Top Up for women superfood powder.

Is a good product but does have a bit of a bitter after taste.


Everyone in my family love the green juice!

Seems good

Tastes terrible but I recognize the health benefits

tastes good

I mixed it in with my smoothy and thought it tasted great

Mixed well into a smoothie, and didn't have a horrible taste or texture like other powders can - would definitely recommend to others

Sample Trial

I loved my sample trial - been about 1 week now but love that I can get my Vitamins and Wholefoods all in a convenient form - no tabs!! Doesn't taste awful and pretty easy to pop into my juice so winning.

Love the Top Up!

I really love the taste! Very happy with the sample I received. I eat healthy food every day and had the Top up powder as nice treats - super healthy!🥰

Very good product

I really like it and it tastes fine

I feel amazing

I tried the sample I want to buy more tastes really good and I feel really good inside I love the ingredients the probiotics definitely recommend this product

Energised and delicious

I have noticed an amazing amount of energy after two days of drinking this in a smoothie , and the taste is delicious taste berry like , I am feeling more energised and balanced !

Tried to sample!

Tried the sample, buying the product! New fav greens powder

Hot hot hot

Get it while you can

Love it!

You’re getting all the essential vitamins and mineral in one easy drink that actually tastes really nice! The deep green was a little scary but it’s nice and sweet to drink, would recommend 👌


I used Top up, thinking it wouldn't be any different to any other greens powders (I've been drinking greens powder every Morning for nearly 2 years).... since i started taking Top Up - To Thrive & Shine (2 weeks ago), my acne has almost completely cleared up and my skin has a natural glow.

Top up for women

I love it! The best tasting greens powder and the best ingredients that I can find! It’s not filled up with cheap stuff either.

Gets you through the day

Was a bit sceptical at first but read the good reviews so decided to try it. If you mix it with cold water, you can hardly taste it! Really gives you a boost, have recommended to friends and family. Love the ingredient list!

improved overall well-being

this stuff is amazing. i originaloy got the sample pack and have used it every morning. tastes good with water suprisingly. i feel like my skin has improved and my overall bloating has decreased a lot! i feel like i have a lot more natural energy and i’m not as tired. i will definitely be buying the tub and have recommended this product to my friends.

Great Tate

Love this product been using it for 3 years or more. Recommend it to anyone

Results guaranteed!

I purchased the women's top up and I could literally feel the results 2 days into it.
In the last couple of months I've been suffering from 'exercise induced rhinitis' which pretty much means hayfever after a workout. Yes.. this is real and not very common. At first, it would go away after taking antihistamines but after a while it would not go away. I would wake up with a drippy nose itchy eyes and I would even have to call in sick for work the next day. It was that bad that I went to the doctors on a few occasions and even did a blood test to see what was going on. There is no cure and eliminating possible causes like dust, pollen, grass, pet particles etc did not make much of a difference post workout. After receiving this in the mail a couple of weeks ago I have not had an episode after the gym.. not even once!!
I have been drinking supergreens/ spirulina quite regularly over the last couple of years and as much as they have helped with a energy levels etc.. the results have not been as obvious as the top up. Definitely worth trying and will definitely be a staple of mine from now on. So glad I gave it go!

Activated Nutrients

Liking the product so far

Good product

Taste good and gave me lots of energy