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by Ben Lennox Design & Marketing Collaborator |

While routine can be fantastic for things like sleeping, diet and digestion, it can also leave you feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut. If you’re feeling energised and happy, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you want to shake things up, pick and choose from our list of six ways to activate your day to day!

1. Do 30 star jumps when you wake up

We’re getting straight into it with this high intensity activity! Ge out of bed slowly, let your body adjust to the upright position, then go for it. Do your jumps and start the day with a blush in your cheeks and a sparkle in your eye.

2. Ask a colleague to be your surprise-lunch-swap-buddy

Allow us to explain! Think of a work friend that shares your interest in health and fitness. When you’ve picked the person, ask them if they want to do a lunch swap once a week. You’ll make a lunch for them and they’ll make a lunch for you. It’ll be fun to be surprised and when you’re preparing food for someone else, you’ll probably be more mindful of not only making it delicious, but making it more nutritious, too.

3. Write down an intention first thing in the morning

We’re not talking full-blown meditation (although that’s brilliant if you have the time and inclination), What you do is keep a notebook by your bed and when you wake up, write down the date an intention for the day. Just one line which could be something like, “Today I want to focus on slowness; I want to be slow to react and move with awareness.” At night, before you go to sleep, write down how you think you did with the intention. Do it all again the next day with a new intention or keep doing the same one over and over until you feel it’s clicked!

4. Drink the recommended amount of water every day

Telling you to drink enough water might seem a bit lazy on our part. But habitual dehydration is common and keeping your intake up can impact how you feel, both physically and mentally. So how much should you drink? That depends on your size, metabolism, environment, diet and more. Authority Nutrition put together a great article about hydration and influencing factors around it – it should help you figure out your ideal intake.

5. Do a 30 Day Challenge on Instagram or Facebook

There are all kinds of 30 Day Challenges out there. You could post a photo of something you appreciate every day for 30 days, write a poem every day and post them or post a photo and little burb about something you learned that day.

6. Fuel your body with wholefood nutrients every day

We formulated Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood to be taken every day. It's the first-ever all-in-one superfood and multivitamin powder that's formulated separately for men  and women  and made entirely from wholefoods - nothing synthetic. So many people have shared their stories with us and the common thread is that Activated Nutrients has changed their day-to-day for the better.