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Power up with these energising protein balls!

by Boris Teixeira |

Can you believe it’s February already? 2021 is in full swing, and life is back to its usual fast pace. At this time of year, we could all use some help keeping up with our busy schedules and ever growing to do lists!

Our Power Up Protein Balls are the perfect snack to keep your energy up, avoid those sugar-filled snacks and stay productive throughout the day. 

With a hit of protein and a powerful combination of 12 superfoods and botanical ingredients, including Korean ginseng, guarna, matcha, red reishi, rhodiola and more, these snacks will provide you with the sustained energy release you need to get things done.

Give them a go using our recipe below!



  • Whizz all the ingredients in your food processor, reserving the choc chips
  • Check the consistency by forming some of the mixture into a small ball - if it doesn't hold its shape add that extra almond flour and whizz again.
  • Form balls from the mix and store in the fridge! 
  • Enjoy at your leisure, or as a perfect afternoon pick-me-up snack.