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Why your kids should be eating red algae in their diet.

by Activated Nutrients |

Kids need calcium

We all know how important calcium is for growing kids- it’s essential for the formation of strong bones and teeth! Unfortunately, many kids aren’t eating enough calcium in their daily diet and it can be especially hard if children can’t tolerate dairy and they need to rely on more plant-based sources of calcium. 

Plants don’t contain as much calcium as dairy, and what they do have is thought to be harder to digest and absorb which makes them quite inefficient sources of calcium. This is due to the presence of anti-nutritive factors such as oxalates and phytates naturally found in plants which bind to calcium in the gut and block absorption. For example, compared to milk, 10% of the calcium from spinach will be absorbed because it is high in oxalates.

Introducing red algae

A particular type of red algae is grown in the waters of South America and harvested for its incredibly rich mineral content: it’s 30% calcium! 

Picked by hand, dried in the sun and milled into a fine powder, this red algae powder is one of the most bioavailable plant-based sources of calcium needed for good bone health!

As opposed to other plants and rock-based calcium supplements, this plant-based source of calcium is much more readily absorbed by the human body. The algae has done all of the hard work, extracting the minerals from its marine environment and converting them into a complex of four different types of calcium which are easier to digest and absorb!

Grow Up for Kids

Grow Up for Kids contains a mixture of organic plant-based nutrient-rich wholefoods, one of which is red algae. With 80mg of calcium per serve, Grow Up for Kids is packed full of bioavailable plant-based calcium to help your kids reach their daily calcium needs. 

Mix it with milk or calcium fortified soy milk and you’ll be packing even more goodness into their cups. It creates a pink drink that tastes just like a strawberry milkshake, with no added sugar or nasties to be found!

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