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by Blair Norfolk |

Grow Up - Kid’s Superfood was developed in response to a 2018 report on the state of the nation’s health, which found that 95% of Australian children do not consume the recommended serves of vegetables each day, and more than two-thirds exceed the recommended intake of added sugars each day [1]. 

The R&D that went into the creation of Grow Up - Kid’s Superfood was essential to creating a targeted product that would powerfully address the shortfalls in Aussie kids’ diets. The resulting superfood powder is a finely balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics.

Discretionary foods, including lollies and sugar-sweetened beverages, contribute a whopping 39% of Aussie kids’ daily energy intake [2]. These foods are typically high in sugar, fat and/or salt, and provide minimal - if any - essential vitamins and minerals.”

 - Blair Norfolk, Managing Director of Activated Nutrients

“Grow Up - Kids Superfood is packed with calcium for strong bones and teeth, energising B vitamins, and a dose of probiotics to support their digestive health. Just ½-1 teaspoon makes a delicious and fun antioxidant-rich, berry-flavoured drink, which can be stirred into milk or whizzed into a smoothie. All without any added sugars, colours, or preservatives. It’s so delicious, Mums and Dads will want a glass, too!

 - Lucy Taylor, Nutrition Scientist at Activated Nutrients

Grow Up  - Kids Superfood is designed to help support parents who are worried their children may not be getting everything they need to thrive. It’s the simple, easy and delicious way to ensure their nutritional needs are being met.

“Globally, childhood obesity is on the rise, which increases the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes. Even in Australia, poor diets and inactivity has resulted in one in four Aussie kids now being classified as overweight or obese [2]. As adults, we are solely responsible for our kids’ nutrition and health. We developed Grow Up - Kids Superfood so parents can feel confident they are giving their children the best start in life.”

- Blair Norfolk, MD

Give your child a delicious dose of essential nutrients and minerals with Grow Up for Kids - the superfood powder that tastes like a treat! Get it into your little ones' hands here.  


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