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by Blair Norfolk |

Whether 50 is your new reality or the balloons are waiting to drop on your mid-century, you can’t miss the significance of this V.I.B (Very Important Birthday). For many, turning 50 sparks reflection on the life they’ve lived so far. For others it can be a time to stare down the future and imagine what it may hold. Altogether the milestone can come with mixed emotions. Today we take a look at how some men are facing up to 50 and making it work for them. 

Rod, 48, has recently gone through a divorce and found himself a little lost.‘My marriage was pretty traditional in that my wife very much looked after everything on the home front.’ He says. ‘I am facing 50 as a single man with two teenage children and no real idea of what it takes to run a household. It’s daunting.’ Top of Rod’s list of concerns is how to keep himself and his kids healthy. ‘I’m struggling to feed myself properly or know what to put on the table when the kids stay.’ 

Anthony, 52, echos Rod’s concern for health with a recent 30 year reunion putting self-care in the spotlight. ‘Of course school reunions always provoke a bit of a look in the mirror,’ says Anthony, ‘But my recent 30-year reunion actually shocked me. It wasn’t just how much everyone had stacked on weight, including me, it was the health problems everyone was complaining of. I realised I needed to change or it was only going to get worse for me.’

Malcolm wanted to be on the front foot when it came to meeting 50 face-to-face, so he put a plan in place for when the clock ticked over. ‘I have watched friends come up to 50 and feel like they literally got punched in the face. They go into a kind of shock - especially the ones who have been living like teenagers! I wanted to face it fit and square on.’ He says.

For Malcolm that meant going to the doctor and getting a health check up followed by a fitness assessment at his gym. ‘My blood tests showed nothing too serious, but there was a bone density test that wasn’t ideal.’ Likewise the fitness test, ‘I’ve always been relatively fit, but I hadn’t seriously changed my routine for years. Now I’ve taken up yoga and bought a road bike.’ Diet-wise Malcolm was also keen to make some adjustments. ‘I looked at a range of supplements and a friend recommended Activated Nutrients 50+. It addressed my bone density issues and it also supports my gut health as well as having all the nutrients I need.’ 

Rod and Anthony are likewise looking to alter course with Rod recently signed up for a ‘Cooking Skills’ course at the local Community House and Anthony determined to trim the fat from his diet. ‘I want to learn something new and keep on top of my health - if I can do that then 50 might actually be fun!’ Says Rod. And we think he’s right!

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