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by Blair Norfolk |

We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to protein powder. But we truly believe that our Certified Organic Daily Protein is the best available. It’s the protein powder we wanted to see on shelves but could never find – which is what led us to create it in the first place.

Our formula is unique and we want to tell you a bit more about what makes it so special. Every claim we make about our product is backed by science, the results of extensive testing and regulation. And if you’re left with a few questions after reading, ask us!

Company values

We thought we’d start with the foundational values that our company was built on. We believe in brand transparency, fact-based marketing, quality, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. There’s a lot of hype in the health industry and we’re sick of seeing people get sucked in by products that promise to work wonders but have little or no evidence to back those claims up. We’re rejecting that trend by having our products tested extensively and advertising them for what they are – carefully formulated blends of plant extracts designed to deliver real wholefood nutrition to your body every day.

Ingredient selection

We chose to use pea and Amazonian sacha inchi as the protein sources in our Daily Protein. Pea was a no-brainer for us because, as our Chief Science Officer, Dr. JB explains, “Pea proteins are a truly sustainable product, good for you and the environment by helping the pastures on which it’s grown.” So not only is pea protein-rich and highly digestible, it’s far more responsible from an environmental point of view! Some plant-based protein powders have only one protein source, but that’s not optimal. To get a complete amino acid profile (which is important in a protein powder), you need another plant protein to complement the pea. Our Daily Protein also contains sacha inchi, which is a remarkable plant, rich in protein, omega-3, vitamin A, fibre and more.

Digestion and protein absorption

As a plant-based protein powder, our Daily Protein is already gentle on the digestive system and easy for your body to absorb. But we wanted to ensure your body would have no trouble absorbing and using every last bit of Daily Protein, so we optimised our formula even further. As Dr. JB puts it, “As a plant-based protein, the supplement is already highly digestible, but we improved the already incredible product further by adding some key additions including natural digestive enzymes bromelain and protease to help your body break down the protein and utilise the amino acids.” On top of that, we added prebiotics to further aid digestion by maintaining optimal gut bacteria.

Australian Organic Certification

We worked with Australian Certified Organic  (ACO) to make our product the best, cleanest and most responsible product it could be. ACO has an extensive set of procedures in place to investigate a product before certifying it as organic. They examined every stage of the supply chain and any contractor or company that we work with to produce Daily Protein must hold their own ACO certificate. Creating a product that’s certified by Australian Organic was a goal of ours from the beginning, so seeing the bud logo on our Daily Protein tubs is very exciting for us.

Production and packaging

We manufacture our products in Australia in a GMP-compliant, HACCP-certified facility, under strict quality control conditions. We’ve also applied our environmental concern to this final stage of production, using custom packaging that is partially made from recycled materials.

Nailing the taste

We’re most proud of the quality and efficacy of our Daily Protein, but the taste is something we spent a lot of time on. We wanted to produce a protein powder that could be enjoyed, not forced down or deliberately masked by other flavours. It took a lot of trial and error to get it right, but we finally nailed three flavours – Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Raw Cacao. They are absolutely delicious!

Bonus in the premium blend

We couldn’t help ourselves. We took our Daily Protein Coconut formulation a little bit further by including sprouted quinoa and amaranth. By sprouting them, we’ve reduced their phytic acid content. High levels of phytic acid have been associated with reduced uptake of certain nutrients, so sprouting makes it easier for your body to reap the benefits of these nutrient-dense ancient grains. The premium coconut blend is also an exciting new option for those on the weight-management wagon, with an added source of probiotic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus. Dr JB explains, “L. Rhamnosus has some very intriguing benefits and has been the subject of intense study, showing that apart from assisting in digestive health this strain may also be able to influence and support weight loss.”

As we mentioned above, our Daily Protein is a special product. It stands out from other protein supplements because it was crafted with incredible consideration – consideration for the planet, for the consumer and for your body.

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Photo credit: Rebecca Ruhle / @rebeccaruhle