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4 Solid Reasons for 50+ to Cut Out Sugar

by Blair Norfolk |

A high sugar diet is dangerous for people of all ages. But as you get older and your basic metabolic functions begin to shift into a new era, keeping your diet in check becomes more important than ever. Scientists have linked high blood sugar levels to a staggering number of health issues for mature adults; we’ve honed in on four of them in a bid to get you thinking about your sugar intake and what it might be doing to your body.


1. Your memory

The link to diabetes and dementia has been known for awhile, but research also shows that it’s not just diabetics that need to worry about that link. Numerous studies have shown that higher blood sugar levels may be associated with higher dementia risk for anyone. One study from the Group Health Research Institute estimated that people aged 65 and over have an 18% higher chance of developing dementia if their blood sugar levels are over a certain threshold. More specifically, with an “average glucose level of 115 milligrams per deciliter compared to those with an average glucose level of 100 mg/dl.”


2. Your sleep

Research has shown that blood sugar levels can worsen the symptoms of sleep apnea, which can affect your health in so many ways. Poor sleep can also lead to weight gain, mental health issues, energy levels and more.


3. Your heart

Looking after cardiovascular health becomes increasingly important as the years go on. We learned above that a high-sugar diet can lead to sleep apnea, which in turn can impact cardiovascular health. On top of that, blood sugar level has been shown to have a greater impact on heart health than saturated fat (which is usually seen as the main culprit behind cardiovascular health issues).


4. Your bone health

While sugar does provide a burst hit of energy, it’s an empty caloric hit. If you start relying on sugar for energy, you might miss out on the many macro and micronutrients you need to feel and perform at your very best. More specifically, poor nutritional status has been linked to declining bone health.


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