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Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+
Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+
Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+
Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+
Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+
Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+

Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+

A nutritious superfood blend to support vitality and energy in women. Our nutrient-rich wholefoods deliver plant-derived vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants alongside enzymes, prebiotic fibres and probiotics to support vitality and energy in women. Top Up Women's Multivitamin+ contains nutrients to support:

■ Immune system function
■ Collagen formation 
■ Hormone regulation
■ Brain function
■ Energy production
■ Reduction in tiredness and fatigue
■ Cellular protection against oxidative stress

Simply mix a daily serving of 1-2 teaspoons (depending on the quality of your current diet and nutritional needs) with water or add to smoothies. Our formulation includes:

■ 45 organic ingredients
■ 13 essential vitamins & minerals
■ 2 Billion CFU Probiotics
■ Less than 1g of sugar per serve
■ Absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
■ Absolutely no gluten, soy, dairy or GMO


Certified Organic

The strict standards of 'Certified Organic' provided a quality guarantee that the products are 100% free of nasty chemicals.

Scientifically formulated

Our plant ingredients pack the nutritional power, but it’s the science that dictates what we include. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence.

Probiotics & Gut Health

Research has proven that a balanced microbiome plays a huge role in health, so we've made gut health a focus of our products including pre & probiotics.

Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+

Top Up Women’s Multivitamin+


Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Magic powder

Really improved my mental state, I must have been deficient in something because this sorted me out!

Denese Billings
Review - organic supplement for women

I think the product is benefical to your health & well being but I didn't like the taste.

Highly recommended!

Best tasting nutrient powder around town !!

Thank you for your amazing review Erin! An organic superfood natural multivitamin that also tastes great is a win for everyone! - Ben

Rebecca Altmann

I used Top up, thinking it wouldn't be any different to any other greens powders (I've been drinking greens powder every Morning for nearly 2 years).... since i started taking Top Up - To Thrive & Shine (2 weeks ago), my acne has almost completely cleared up and my skin has a natural glow.

This is so fantastic to hear Rebecca! Sounds like your skin is... thriving and shining! It's amazing what the body can do when we provide it with lots of wholefood nutrition. We're so glad you've noticed the difference!

Tatiana Woolowick
This is a pretty good product.

I like this product. This is hands down the best green powder I've used. With others I've tried I wouldn't have dreamed of just drinking the powder mixed in water. Best Green Superfood is great mixed in a glass of water or as an addition to a smoothie. The best part is that it is slightly sweet (although I don't think there are any added sugars) and blends easily. Note that if you do not drink it quickly, you will want to give it a stir before you take another gulp as it has a tendency to settle on the bottom of the glass. In a smoothie it blends without a trace. It does look like pond scum, but it actually tastes pretty good. Plus, you can always hide it in juice or a shake.This is a great way to get those healthy foods we never find time to eat throughout the day.I received this at a discount in exchange for my opinion and review.