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Winter wellness - tricks to keep the bugs at bay!

by Jennifer Hopper |

Do you watch winter’s approach through narrowed eyes and feel a furtive desire to escape to somewhere less … snotty? Well, count yourself as amongst the many who regard winter as the one long, germy, virus-ridden season we could well do without.

Of course, winter has a lot going for it really, (snow, hot chocolate and … soup?) but it does seem to be the time of year that if there is something to be caught then you, or one of your family member’s, will surely get it.

Of course, we can’t quite blame winter itself for the increase in illnesses - being cold doesn’t give you a cold etc etc. But we can, and should, accuse winter of not doing much to help the situation. Chilly, dry conditions are just what the cold virus LOVES to party in, hence the increase in sniffles.

But listen, you can outfox winter and its snotty side-effects with a few preemptive strikes that will boost your immunity and make it downright difficult for a cold to catch you. And if you do get one? Well, we’ve got some advice for you, too!

First up, your body needs extra TLC come winter time.

That simple. You need to give your body and its immune system a major boost in the form of quality nutrition. Upping your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is a no-brainer for making your body feel match-ready when it goes toe-to-toe with winter’s sneezy side-kicks.

But simply said, doesn’t mean simply done - and that’s where Activated Nutrients superfood supplements can come to the rescue. Loaded up with vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics, these supplements aim to make up for any shortfalls in your diet and ensure you are on the defensive when a germ and his mates try to befriend you.

Of equal importance is quality sleep.

Your body needs the nighttime break to repair the damage done by the day, so don’t neglect a bit of extra shut-eye. And much as braving the outdoors might not appeal, keep up a bit of exercise too, for physical and mental health.

And if you do start to sniffle?

Well, Activated Nutrients range of superfood supplements are loaded with Zinc, a mineral proven to cut short the duration of a cold by up to a day and a half. Vitamin D is also in there to support kidney and liver function - organs that clean your blood and shuffle nutrients to where they are needed.

Dont forget your Vitamin C

Of course, Vitamin C makes an appearance in our super supplements, too - but more for the sake of your appearance than anything else. Because while Vitamin C hasn’t been shown to really affect the duration of a cold, it does do wonders for your skin - so you’ll feel and look fantastic all winter long!