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Why we say YES to Certified Organic!

by Jennifer Hopper |

We’re Certified Organic - here’s why!

Here at Activated Nutrients we tend to bang on a bit about all our products being Certified Organic. Our hard won accreditation is a feather in our cap and something we don’t mind crowing about whenever we get the chance. But we’ve noticed that for some people the whole organic thing can seem like a whole lotta ‘Wha?! Sure, they get that organic food isn’t drenched in a vat of unpronounceable chemicals, but many don’t understand how organic farming works or why industrial farming chemicals are all that bad.

Well, wonder no more - today we get down to the nitty and the gritty to give you the goss on why we think being organic is so good for us - and you!


Chemicals on Australian crops

As one of the buggiest countries on Earth, Australian crops are besieged by critters of all kinds. To fight them, Aussie farmers have had to turn to cheaply purchased chemical pesticides. Devastatingly effective, these pesticides don’t just take out their chosen foe, though. Nope, they send skyward the multiple legs of all sorts of insects, no matter how blameless. Obviously this isn’t great for the ecosystem. But it gets worse when pests grow resistant to the pesticides, developing into superbugs that simply can’t be killed. Meanwhile the chemical pesticides have made their way into our food and, of course, the bodies of the people and animals consuming them.

One group of chemicals that we don’t like the sound of are called organophosphates. Organophosphates have been linked to Parkinson’s and neurological disorders. They have been restricted for use in the UK and Europe and even banned in the United States. But is Australia poised to follow suit? Nup. Given the effectiveness of organophosphates in our buggy environment, organophosphates look like they’re here to stay - no matter how harmful they may be.

Add to that the fact that few pesticides have been studied for their long term effects on human health and you’ve got one big hairy unknown when it comes to the chemicals we find on our food.


How do organic farmers deal with bugs?

Thankfully there are other ways to dodge critters and still grow successful crops that are free from pesticides. Organic farming may not be the ‘easy’ way to go about growing food, but in our view, it is the safest.

Organic farming is a demanding process that requires farmers engage with the life cycle of their crops at all stages of development. To avoid pests, organic farmers may use a complex system of crop rotation and biological pest control. They may combine everything from tradition and technology to ecology and invention in an effort to outsmart the 6-legged set. The result is healthy, nutritious food free from pesticides and safe to eat. And that’s why we’re totally on board with it and proud to be Certified Organic.


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