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5 Nutrition & Lifestyle tips for women over 50

by Jennifer Hopper |

Turning 50? A fit future is assured if you are willing to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle to make the most of your mid-century!

  1. Pump up the exercise!

    Whether you’ve been a life-long yoga devotee or never lifted a finger, exercise is a must at the 50-plus point. With muscle mass on the decline and body fat on the rise at this point in your life, exercise is crucial to preventing disease and staying strong.

  2. Examine your diet and start cutting out the crap

    That means increasing your intake of fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, fish and quality grains while weeding out the trans-fats, excess sugars and empty carbs. Give your body an extra boost with a quality nutritional supplement like Activated Nutrients Women’s 50+

  3. Keep your skeleton strong

    Get a bone density check-up and keep your skeleton strong through quality nutrition and resistance exercise.

  4. Get some sun!

    While we’re not advocating a total disregard for sun safety, a bit of Vitamin D from sun exposure is healthy for bone health and energy production.

  5. Snooze or lose!

    Keeping your hormones balanced and working well is crucial for enjoying your 50s fabulously. Make sure you make slumber a priority to regulate your hormones and keep your mood marvellous

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