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by Blair Norfolk |

Hot on the heels of the mid-life crisis comes male menopause. Heralded by a drop in the production of testosterone, male menopause is very much a separate condition to female menopause and comes with its own symptoms and concerns.

For a start, male menopause does not signal the complete shutting down of the reproductive system as menopause does in females. And it doesn’t happen to all men. That said, the drop in testosterone - the hormone responsible for the growth of your muscles, growth of your body hair, lowering of your voice and changes in your sexual functioning, can cause symptoms akin to that of female menopause, namely hot flushes, insomnia and difficulty sleeping, increased body fat, decreased bone density and reduced libido.

Additional symptoms can include low energy, depression or sadness, lowered self-confidence, difficulty concentrating, gynecomastia (the development of breasts), reduced muscle mass and feelings of physical weakness, erectile dysfunction and infertility. So far, so unappealing!

The symptoms and their presentation can range from the barely noticeable through to the profoundly affecting. And there’s no real way to predict if male menopause is going to happen to you. As such it’s important to observe your changing body and behaviour to see if male menopause might be underpinning any issues you may be having. A simple blood test administered by your GP can rule male menopause in or out if you have your doubts.

Generally male menopause does not require any medical treatment. A reduction in stress levels through exercise, healthy eating, taking a daily supplement, like Activated Nutrients Top Up 50+, and getting enough sleep may easily address any of the symptoms and put the spring back into your step. But if you are struggling with the changes your GP may be able to help you further. The important thing to remember is that it’s a natural part of life and your mojo doesn’t have to go-go completely, you might just need to lower your expectations.