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by Jennifer Hopper |

Enviously eyeing those pricey health retreats? Don't break the bank - create your own indulgent 'staycation' at home and soak up the savings as well as the relaxation!

So, a friend of mine went to a health retreat in Byron Bay a couple of months ago and it cost close to $4000 for 7 days - not including the flights there or back. Yep, it was pretty pricey and out of the reach of this poor but deserving soul. But why should health retreats be the reserve of the wealthy? Why shouldn’t tired, drained and desperate people like me (and you!) have access to the restorative benefits of a health retreat? The answer is of course they should! But how? By ‘retreating’ at home, that’s how! 

Here is my tried and true recipe for the ultimate staycation for a restorative (and budget-friendly) break you'll LOVE!

How to plan for your 3-night staycation:

Preparation is key for your staycation to really feel restful. So make sure to do a bit of planning pre-retreat to make sure everything is in place for your rancho relaxo.

  1. Set aside a 3 day period for your retreat - a long weekend, a mid-week break - whatever is going to be easiest for you to enjoy guilt-free! If kids and partners are staycationing with you, then book in play dates, sleepovers and and activities that will keep them out of your hair as much as possible.
  2. Make a list of all the things that you find indulgent, starting with massages, haircuts, brunch with friends, reading all day, yoga, facials, having a bath etc, etc!
  3. Add a couple of wacky ‘never tried it but would love to’ ideas to your list. Think flotation tanks, drumming, infra-red therapy, a drawing class or tai chi!
  4. Schedule your activities - for real! Get on the phone and make bookings at all the places you want to fit in to your retreat.
  5. Think food - if cooking is a chore for you then plan to order in, pick up some quality pre-made meals or prep some simple reheat options before your retreat! If you love to cook then plan a lavish and delicious feast that restores body and mind.
  6. You’re not allowed to do chores during your retreat so get up to date with household stuff and let everyone know you won't be on duty.
  7. Be your own best friend and think of little touches to enhance your staycation. Candles, an eye-mask, delicious chocolate or some epsom salts for your bath will add that touch of indulgence you so deserve!


Now what?

You’ve got three glorious days to fill but you should build your retreat around the appointments you’ve locked in. Try to make every day a mix of physical, mental and soulful activities. Think solo walk followed by brunch with friends then trying that interesting class, reading that riveting book or zoning out with meditation.

Finish every day with a deliciously indulgent bath or at-home facial and some soothing music!

So there you have it - the ultimate at-home retreat that won’t break the bank!