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by Jo Power |

To make progress in your training, you need a thought-out training schedule, adequate nutrition and a recovery strategy in place.

Many modern modes of exercise (i.e. Crossfit, F45, etc.) are based on the idea of ‘keeping your body guessing’ and our workout programs are constantly changing in intensity, duration, distance, etc.

Part of this training schedule is built-in rest days, which give your body time to recover. This is the most important part of making progress with your training.

During rest periods, your body repairs damaged muscle fibre to form NEW muscle protein strands. These repaired strands increase the thickness of the muscle and leave it stronger and larger than it was before the repairs. This amazing process isn’t happening WHILE you’re working out; it’s happening while you rest.

If you don’t provide your body with the rest and nutrition it needs, this process can actually be REVERSED. So instead of your muscles becoming thicker and stronger, they can become weaker over time.

The period of muscle repair lasts for about 24-48 hours, so the rest you get and the nutrition you get during this time is crucial. Be sure to get good, full nights of sleep and eat healthy meals.

You should also consider supplementing the healthy meals with extra nutrients. Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for Men or Women and Daily Protein are an easy way to bridge nutritional gaps in your diet with raw nutrients from real wholefoods.

The Daily Superfood and Daily Protein are brilliant on their own but when you combine the two, they become a complete nutritional formula that helps your body recover with heaps of raw nutrition from real wholefoods. Remember, you don't get strong doing a workout; you only get strong when you recover from a workout.

Header image source: Time Out