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Probiotics and the gut-brain axis

by Activated Nutrients |

What is the gut-brain axis?

The gut-brain axis is the two-way communication channel that exists between the gut and the brain.

What is happening in the gut influences what is happening in the brain, and vice-versa. 

Take a second to think about the way we describe our emotions. 

It’s full of gut-related imagery and sensations. When we’re nervous, there’s butterflies in our stomach. When we’re full of dread, it’s a sinking feeling in our stomach... These are emotions, created by the brain, being felt physically in the stomach. Why? Because of the gut-brain axis.

Gut bacteria communicate with the brain

Beneficial bacteria are important residents of the gut, and they communicate with the brain via the gut-brain axis.

These bacteria interact with intestinal cells, immune cells and nerve endings in the gut, changing the messages they send to the brain. 

Scientific research is beginning to demonstrate how these messages, influenced by the gut microbiota, can change our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Biome LiftTM Probiotic

It’s essential to support a healthy gut microbiota that is full of beneficial bacteria in order to optimise the messages being sent to the brain and promote healthy mood balance. 

Probiotic supplements are one of the easiest ways to support a healthy gut microbiota, and potentially influence the messages they send out.

Biome LiftTM Probiotic contains four specific probiotic strains which aim to do just that. In fact, it’s clinically proven to support healthy mood balance, improve sleep quality, and reduce mental fatigue.

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