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Introducing Activated Probiotics

by Jennifer Hopper |

Activated Probiotics innovative probiotic formulations are informed by cutting-edge scientific research. Our targeted approach to probiotics means that each probiotic is uniquely able to single out specific aspects of health and well-being. One of our main targets is immunity, and we have developed powerful probiotic formulations that directly affect a person’s health through the microbiome.

That’s because good health and a robust immune system begins with your microbiome. The microbiome is the name given to the diverse community of bacteria that lives in your gut. A microbiome boosted with beneficial bacteria is where you should start when trying to improve your family’s overall health.

That’s where Activated Probiotics comes in. Our clinically proven formulations can bolster your body’s defenses and encourage beneficial bacteria to flourish. These beneficial bacteria are crucial for giving your body what it needs to function at its best, boost immunity and promote overall good health.

Biome Daily is Activated Probiotics adult formulation. Biome Daily contains 9 billion live bacteria per dose, the clinical dose of beneficial bacteria required to reduce the occurence of common colds, increase immune function and promote healthy digestion.

Biome Daily Kids is Activated Probiotics answer to improving immune function in children over 2 years of age. Our oral powder sachets contain 10 billion live bacteria per dose, and have been clinically demonstrated to reduce both the occurrence and duration of the common cold as well as support good gut bacteria during antibiotic use.