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by Jo Power |

Introducing Luke Istomin, one of our amazing Activated Nutrients Ambassadors! Luke is a fitness guru, lover of life and one of the most critically acclaimed fitness coaches in Australia.

(image source: Luke Istomin Facebook)

He’s spent the last 15 years working with, learning from and training everyone from billionaires to rock stars and Hollywood celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ricky Martin to name a few.

Luke’s line of work has led him to a lot of different health products, but when he started taking Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for Men, he said, ‘I love knowing that I’m feeding my body the best quality supplement available... You can feel the difference between putting something under-par in your body versus the effects of a natural supplement made from real wholefoods.’

We sat down with Luke for a quick Q&A about his dedication to health, top tips and secret passion! Keep reading for a peek into the brain of one of Australia's most successful fitness entrepreneurs. 
1. What kick-started your passion for health and fitness and why has it remained important to you?

I was always active from a kid growing up in the Hunter Valley of NSW to my current day now as an adult. I loved the competitive nature of sport and the highs and lows that it brings you, be it in a team sport or as an individual. It teaches you so many lessons that cross over to our everyday lives. Practicing long hours to hone your craft. Playing in difficult circumstances. Winning and losing and having to deal with the reasons why you came out on top or not. I feel that there’s a direct parallel to how you approach your health and fitness and how you approach life. I incorporate all of that into my training and nutrition program, LIFE. The program is designed to achieve phenomenal physical results in a short period of time.

(image source: Luke Istomin Instagram)

2. With your busy lifestyle, it must be challenging to maintain a healthy diet and stick to an exercise regime. How do you do it?

It’s not challenging at all. It’s quite the contrary in fact. Let me just say right now that I know EVERYONE is busy. It’s how you prioritise your time that will set your results apart from others. You have to make time to look after yourself, because unless you’re a rock star with a full time team looking after your every need, then you need to take accountability of yourself. Not your partner, family or friends, it all comes back to you. My partner and I cook twice a week for an hour and in that hour, prepare 3 days’ worth of meals in advance. I schedule my training days in advance and have my days broken down into half hour blocks every single day. I’ve worked with so many superstars in their fields, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned from them is that time management is one of the fundamental pillars to success.

3. How do you feel on Activated Nutrients? What was the most obvious change when you started taking the supplement?

I love knowing that I’m feeding my body the best quality supplement available to myself and my partner. You can feel the difference between putting something under-par in your body versus the effects of a natural supplement made from real wholefoods.

4. The Activated Nutrients brand stands for brand transparency, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Which of those things are most important to you and why?

They all play equally important roles in our lives, but if I had to choose one, it would be brand transparency. I believe that as a people, each of us are representing our own brand every day. So be it an individual or an international company, being true to yourself is very important. It’ll allow the rest of the world to see you clearly and have no doubts about your intentions. I place a big emphasis on honesty and trust with all those in my circle.

5. What do you like to do with your free time?

I haven’t had much lately with so many exciting projects going on! But I’m a guy who loves my family and friends, so a nice dinner with those close to me is always special. My ultimate free time activity is travelling. And with my job taking me around the world these days, I get to combine all of my passions: health and fitness and exploring new places – a win-win!

6. Do you have any secret passions?

I’m a motorbike and NBA tragic. The moment I can hear a bike on the street, my attention is snapped to it immediately. And I plan on going to see a live NBA game one day quite soon so that will be another bucket list item ticked off for me.

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