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by Blair Norfolk |

Meet Loudy Wiggins, one of our brilliant Activated Nutrients Ambassadors! Loudy is a four-time Olympian, Dual Olympic Medalist, three-time Commonwealth Games Champion and three-time World Champion Silver Medallist.

(image source: Active + Nourished)

Loudy won her many medals during her 22 years of competitive diving. Now retired from professional diving, Loudy somehow juggles being the mother of two kids, program managing for the Victorian Institute of Sport Diving, serving on the Australian Olympic Committee’s Athlete Commission and coaching clients on fitness, wellness and nutrition through her business, Loudy Wiggins Fitness.

We wanted to give you a peek into Loudy’s world, so we pinned this busy woman down for a quick Q&A about her passion for fitness, personal health journey and how she fits everything in!

1. What kick-started your passion for health and fitness and why has it remained important to you?

I was an elite athlete for 22 years, so health and fitness have been my way of life before I even realised it. My parents have always instilled fairly healthy habits in me also and I also learnt more than most people through my diving career.

One thing I have realised is that elite performance and aesthetics do not always equal health - quite the opposite. People are dangerously focussed on extremes and aesthetics! I am trying to change all that, especially now that I have children of my own.

I've always been a healthy eater and exercise religiously regardless of the phase of my life. After I finished diving, there was a point where it felt like I had turned my back on sport completely. But when I was on maternity leave with my first daughter, my passion for health and fitness was suddenly ignited again. So much so I went back for one more shot at an Olympic Games and competed at my fourth Olympics! Post Olympics was when Loudy Wiggins Fitness was born – I combined my experience and qualifications to create my own coaching service, offering clients personal training as well as nutrition and wellness coaching. Within 18 months, I was capped and not taking any new clients which I also thank my lucky stars for. 

2. With your busy lifestyle, it must be challenging to maintain a healthy diet and stick to an exercise regime. How do you do it?

Exercise and diet are really the only things that get me through having such a busy lifestyle! I am so scared of getting sick - I just don't have time for it - that's when health and fitness comes into it. I have to take time out for me or I'll come crumbling down in a heap.

3. How do you feel on Activated Nutrients? What was the most obvious change when you started taking the supplement?

I was so excited when I heard about Activated Nutrients. When I was pregnant with my second child and taking a pre-natal vitamin, I would be sick every day just from the smell, so I haven't been able to take supplements in tablet form for years. I also see a naturopath who has tried other solutions to no avail. In theory, we should be getting all of our nutrients from the food we eat, but my days are just so crazy, this isn't always possible. To make matters worse, I also have Thalassemia minor and am susceptible to having low iron and haemoglobin counts, so Activated Nutrients was the no-brainer solution for me.

I was also so excited about the probiotics in Activated Nutrients - I am so big on gut health at the moment, especially since my youngest has severe allergies and there has been lots of research to suggest gut health and allergies are related. So it is a big focus in my household.

4. The Activated Nutrients brand stands for brand transparency, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Which of those things are most important to you and why?

All of these things are so important, but social responsibility is the biggest one for me. There are so many messages out there in regard to health and fitness and it has not made things much clearer for people. It is really hard to know who to believe and which messages are being pushed and why.

(image source: Loudy Wiggins Fit)

There are also many unqualified people making claims they simply cannot substantiate and I think this is so irresponsible.

I want to help push the message of health. Our diets should be ever changing and dynamic to ensure we are getting enough nutrients

5. What do you like to do with your free time?

Ha, good question! I run a business, have two kids, keep a tidy household, cook fairly nutritious meals, have two Jack Russells, coach diving at Melbourne Grammar, am the Program Manager for Victorian Institute of Sport Diving Program and am on the Australian Olympic Committee Athletes Commission - so if I happen to have spare time, I like to just be. And sleep.

My relief comes from spending time with my family - without technology. That's always beautiful.

6. Do you have any secret passions?

I love good food! But it's not really a secret :)

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