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by Jo Power |

Dani is a professional model with a staggering portfolio of campaigns for huge names like Billabong, Roxy, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Myer, Lorna Jane and countless more. She has a magnetic love for life and her passion for health is as honest as it gets. We’ll be supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia on her behalf.

As an Activated Nutrients ambassador, we’ll be supporting a charity on your behalf. What is your charity of choice and why?

I’ve chosen Ovarian Cancer Australia. They fund research, help women gain access to the best treatment available, raise awareness about signs and screenings and they offer support groups for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, survivors or friends and family. 1 in 77 women will develop ovarian cancer, so the work they do is so important!

What kick-started your passion for health and fitness and why has it remained important to you?

I’ve always lived an active life. From a very young age I competed in swimming, athletics, netball and running and loved nothing more than getting out and giving every sport my best shot. What really kickstarted my passion for health and fitness was a few years back when I began sharing my love for fitness and health through social media channels. Women from around the globe started asking me questions about my lifestyle. From then I realised how much I love sharing and helping others live their best active life too.

With your busy lifestyle, it must be challenging to maintain a healthy diet and stick to an exercise regime. How do you do it?

One word. PREPARATION! Being in a career where each week is completely different to the next, I’ve learnt to be very well organised. Each Sunday I will sit down and nut out what I can fit in for the week. Writing it down in my diary is such a great tool to keep myself motivated. I always have a set of workout clothes/runners/towel in the car for those days where I may finish earlier and I can exercise wherever I am! The night before I always have my meals prepped and snacks ready for the next day. It is so very important to keep energy levels balanced whilst working busy long days. Activated Nutrients really helps with that as well!

How do you feel on Activated Nutrients? What was the most obvious change when you started taking the supplement?

In summary, I simply feel healthier! My immune system in particular has had a dramatic change. I haven't been sick or rundown at all since I started taking Activated Nutrients. Taking a supplement that provides the maximum amount of natural nutrition has left me feeling alive and energised.

The Activated Nutrients brand stands for brand transparency, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Which of those things are most important to you and why?

I find all very important but personally, environmental responsibility stands out for me. I 100% support Activated Nutrients because I believe in the values behind the product. The fact that the company sources raw ingredients from farmers from their native locations across the globe, and the use of recycled packaging which reduces the waste of natural resources in production has won me over. 

What do you like to do with your free time? 

My free time is filled up with trips to the beach, ocean swims, yoga, baking healthy treats, running and catching up with friends and family. I love going on adventures down to Byron Bay or Mullumbimby to the Kiva Day Spa where I can completely relax, be free from technology and reconnect. The sauna and cold plunge pools are incredible!

Do you have any secret passions?

Yoga! I only started just over a month ago and it has been a life changer. Not only has it improved my flexibility and strength, it has improved my breathing and has taught me to be calm amongst the chaos. The more I practice, the more I want to practice. Maybe one day I’ll become an instructor as it has made such an impact to my health and wellbeing already.