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5 tips to promote tissue repair

by Jennifer Hopper |

Don’t waste the results of an intense sesh at the gym by cheating on your recovery! Make sure you cover off these top tips to ensure your body is able to repair and rebuild for optimal improvement.

  1. Streeeeetch!

    Yep, a full-on workout must be matched with an equally intense stretch to make sure your muscles stay supple and prepared for your next gym session. While it’s tempting to neglect this step when you’re in a rush, stretching is essential for guarding against injuries and promoting faster muscle recovery.

  2. Get a massage

    Just like giving your muscles a good stretch, a remedial massage with a good therapist can soothe aches and help disperse lactic acid, the chemical responsible for your aching, sore muscles.

  3. Give your body what it needs to repair itself

    Neglecting your nutritional needs is not going to end well - especially if you have weight or strength goals you are working towards. Remember, your body needs quality fuel to produce quality outcomes. A supplement like Activated Nutreint’s Power Up provides sustained energy release from organic botanical extracts for post-work out bounce back!

  4. Drink water

    Flush away workout toxins and metabolic waste with plenty of water before and after your workout. And remember, sweet, coloured energy drinks may be yummy, but they are rarely what your body needs - H2O is the go!

  5. Protein it up!

    Protein is your muscles’ main ingredient, so make sure they have plenty to work with pre and post-workout. An organic protein supplement like Activated Nutrients Organic Protein Powder is a winner in a shake.

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