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Organic Superfood for Women 1-2 week supply
Plant-Based Superfood for Women 1-2 week supply

Organic Superfood for Women 1-2 week supply


All-in-one daily superfood powder to Thrive & Shine

All-in-one daily superfood powder for women with essential vitamins from organic wholefoods and clinically proven probiotics.   

Activated Nutrients Top Up is an organic superfood formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of women.

Our high performance all-in-one powder is bursting with essential vitamins and nutrients matched with prebiotics and probiotics, cofactors and enzymes for maximum absorption. 


Certified Organic

The strict standards of 'Certified Organic' provided a quality guarantee that the products are 100% free of nasty chemicals.

Scientifically formulated

Our plant ingredients pack the nutritional power, but it’s the science that dictates what we include. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence.

Probiotics & Gut Health

Research has proven that a balanced microbiome plays a huge role in health, so we've made gut health a focus of our products including pre & probiotics.

Organic Superfood for Women 1-2 week supply

Organic Superfood for Women 1-2 week supply


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great product

I have been using activated nutrients for around 3 years and I have gotten far less sick in my high stress job

That's amazing Chloe! You must really love it! It's amazing how we can handle stress so much better and keep our immune systems fighting fit when we're getting enough nutrition in our diet. I'm so glad that Top Up has been able to give you that edge :) - Ben
Two scoops daily 🕺🏼

Drives us through the mid afternoon nana nap slump, thanks to the Mind Muscle Project for recommending these products via thier podcast.

That's so good to hear, Daniel! No need for nana naps when you've got Top Up providing you with extra plant-based nutrition to support natural energy production. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Top Up - Organic Supplements for Women 4-8 week supply

Highly recommended!

Best tasting nutrient powder around town !!

Thank you for your amazing review Erin! An organic superfood natural multivitamin that also tastes great is a win for everyone! - Ben
Amazing Sutff!

This product is amazing. It gives me more energy, I feel like I'm recovering faster and I have been taking it ever since.

Fantastic Alexander! That's great you've noticed the difference, Top Up was formulated to include essential nutrients from organic wholefoods and clinically proven probiotics which all help you to recover faster! If that's your goal you would like our organic plant-based protein powder Tone Up! - Ben