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Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men

Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men
Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men

Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men



Certified Organic

The strict standards of 'Certified Organic' provided a quality guarantee that the products are 100% free of nasty chemicals.

Scientifically formulated

Our plant ingredients pack the nutritional power, but it’s the science that dictates what we include. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence.

Probiotics & Gut Health

Research has proven that a balanced microbiome plays a huge role in health, so we've made gut health a focus of our products including pre & probiotics.

All-in-one daily Multivitamin+ 4-8 week supply

All-in-one daily superfood powder for men with essential vitamins from organic wholefoods and clinically proven probiotics.   

Activated Nutrients Top Up is an organic superfood formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of men.

Our high performance all-in-one powder is bursting with essential vitamins and nutrients matched with pre and probiotics, cofactors and enzymes for maximum absorption.

Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men

Top Up for Men 224g - Multivitamin+ for Men

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
So so good.

I absolutely love the gear. The protein powder doesn't make me feel sick. The top up doesn't taste too bad (for a greens powder) and the littleenergy booster is great too. So impressed. I've started writing recipes with them and giving them to friends.

Brandon Wong
Hot hot hot

Get it while you can

Sacha Gimenez
Great Tate

Love this product been using it for 3 years or more. Recommend it to anyone

3 years! You must love it as much as us! Thanks for being such a loyal customer Sacha :)

Wouldn't miss a day!

What a great product to get your day off to the right start! Feel better, live better!

Aaaabsolutely Mitchell. The organic superfoods we use in our Top Up for Men are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, supporting natural energy production, immune function and good health all around. It's the perfect way to start your day if you ask me.

Jenna Lindholm
much needed energy

have been using this a just over a week - I have noticed I dont get tired during the afternoon now- I am able to stay up past 9pm! whhhaaatttt! For the last few months this has been unheard of - this has helped with clarity & alertness in the late afternoon . Thank you!