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Free Top Up For Men Sample
Free Top Up For Men Sample

Free Top Up For Men Sample


All-in-one daily Multivitamin+ to be Sharp & Ready

All-in-one daily superfood powder for men with essential vitamins from organic wholefoods and clinically proven probiotics.   

Activated Nutrients Top Up is an organic superfood formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of men.

Our high performance all-in-one powder is bursting with essential vitamins and nutrients matched with prebiotics and probiotics, cofactors and enzymes for maximum absorption.

*Shipping is not included - One sample per order & customer


Certified Organic

The strict standards of 'Certified Organic' provided a quality guarantee that the products are 100% free of nasty chemicals.

Scientifically formulated

Our plant ingredients pack the nutritional power, but it’s the science that dictates what we include. Every product we develop is backed by scientific evidence.

Probiotics & Gut Health

Research has proven that a balanced microbiome plays a huge role in health, so we've made gut health a focus of our products including pre & probiotics.

Free Top Up For Men Sample

Free Top Up For Men Sample


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Wouldn't miss a day!

What a great product to get your day off to the right start! Feel better, live better!

Best Greens Product!

I’ve supplemented with a greens product/ multi for many years and finally found one that packs a massive health punch! I feel amazing and won’t be going back to anything else. ACTIVATED is where it’s at!!

Louder for the people at the back Will! You're so right, Top Up isn't just another 'greens product'- it's an organic superfood supplement packed with plant-based nutrition and it's awesome that you've noticed the difference that we set out to make.Thanks for the glowing review! - Ben
Excellent Product

Top-Up gives me an extra kick each day. I take it as a smoothie with Orange Juice, Blueberries, Mango and Banana blended together. Tastes great and I know I am putting "Good Stuff" into my body!

That sounds delicious Nev! You're definitely putting 'good stuff' into your body, the organic superfoods in Top Up make it so easy, hey? - Ben
A must have!

Hands down the top supplement I can't go without. I take everyday without missing a beat. if the time comes and I run out for a period of time I feel more beat down and more likely to get sick.

Thanks so much Eric. Taking Top Up everyday is definitely the way to do it, it provides so many nutrients we need to stay at the top of our game and the pre and probiotics are great for supporting your immune system by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut! - Ben
Great product!

Really helps without spending money on cheap medications and vitamins that could harm your body more! Activated nutrients helped my vitiligo out and gave me natural energy!

Thanks for the amazing feedback Michael! It's great that you've noticed the difference between our organic multivitamin powder that is naturally full of nutrients from wholefoods and other synthetic vitamins on the market. We believe natural vitamins and minerals sourced from organic wholefoods makes the difference, and it's what sets us apart from other brands using synthetic vitamins. We're glad you're on board! - Ben